Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) / MES

Effective manufacturing operations management and execution are critical for success. There is constant pressure to be the Low Cost – High Quality producer. This is not a simple proposition. Fortunately, there's TrakSYS to make this goal simpler to attain. TrakSYS helps to streamline operations throughout the value stream to reduce lead time. Reducing the lead time means that:

TrakSYS - Solution to Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Accurate and timely information is available for facts-based decision making
  • Operations are more efficient, requiring less resources and time to complete
  • Sustainability is enhanced through more efficient use of energy
  • Less raw materials and labor are wasted – quality is improved
  • Workflow and tasks are better coordinated and managed
  • Orders are fulfilled on time – customer satisfaction is improved
  • Competitiveness and profitability are measurably improved

TrakSYS is completely non-disruptive to your existing operations. It installs in hours, not days or weeks. This uniform, highly scalable, native application delivers faster ROI through quick implementation, low integration costs, and minimal total cost of ownership.

Manufacturing operations inherently are complex. Don't let your software add to this complexity and get in the way of operations improvement. TrakSYS manages the workflow, tasks, operations, and information in real time across your organization to ensure success of even the most challenging MES/MOM projects.

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