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Parsec Automation Corp. (Parsec) is the developer of TrakSYS™, the leading real-time operations & performance management software. Manufacturing companies worldwide rely on Parsec for flexible and configurable tools to execute manufacturing operations across the value stream more effectively.

Without production disruption, TrakSYS™ helps manufacturers to significantly improve asset utilization and efficiency, increase capacity with no new capital equipment, reduce production costs, decrease lead time, and improve profitability. With measureable ROI TrakSYS™ delivers the bottom-line results that manufacturing companies are looking for.  Learn More about TrakSYS™!

TrakSYS™ is a flexible, scalable, and powerful software application that is specifically designed to improve managing and executing manufacturing operations. Years of experience and the TrakSYS™ innovative technology make it possible to seamlessly model and manage manufacturing workflow, easily connect to various systems and applications, define relevant analytics and metrics, and exchange relevant information in real-time for effective and multi-discipline collaboration. Enabling intelligence-based decision-making across the value stream significantly improves manufacturing operations.

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TrakSYS™ is focused on reducing the lead time throughout the manufacturing value stream. This makes a lot of sense. Simply put, by making it possible to get the work done more quickly, TrakSYS™ helps to measurably reduce on hand inventory levels, material usage and waste, labor, energy consumption, unplanned downtime, poor quality, rework, and strain on human resources. The impact of reduced lead time is far reaching: better supply chain management, lower operating cost, a sustainable business.

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Manufacturing companies who use TrakSYS™ are amongst the best low-cost, high-quality producers. TrakSYS™ does this without disrupting ongoing production, requiring changes to existing infrastructure, or needing heavy investment of resources and capital. Getting the most out of existing assets and resources by using TrakSYS™ to deliver healthy bottom-line results makes a great deal of sense. After all, it's not about the technology's about what the technology allows you to accomplish (without getting in the way).

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